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Labuan Bajo Flores Komodo Sunset 0

First Time In Labuan Bajo – Labuan Bajo – Flores

Labuan Bajo is the base of operations for almost any tourist operations in Flores. Most importantly, the trips to Komodo and Rinca, home of the fearsome Komodo dragon left from there. The only problem...

First Long Haul Flight - Airbus A380 1

First Time On A Long Haul Flight – Kota Kinabalu

Our first long haul flight loomed. Having taking my first flight only 10 months before, a daunting prospect was ahead of us. The road (or more accurately, sky) to Borneo consisted of a journey...


First Trip Abroad (ish) – Sweden Part I

This entire blog is a sham. The title ‘First Time Wanderer’ may lead the casual reader to believe that any exploits are part of a maiden voyage out of the country. In actual fact,...