Welcome to the First Time Wanderer

Hello there! My name is Jonny Crouch, I’m a graphic designer and illustrator, who also enjoys photography and turning a phrase that could be said in two words into a phrase that takes 20 words to say. You will be able to see evidence of all of these things contained within this site.

A blog for the first time traveler

Welcome to my blog, First Time Wanderer – a name that is currently a description of me, but shall hopefully be a fitting description for a number of you too. If you’re a fellow first time wanderer visiting another country for the first time and you’re looking for inspiration, ideas or other suggestions, wrapped in some fancy words with some pretty pictures attached, you’re in the right place.
If you’re not of an inexperienced persuasion, then you are welcome to stick around, read some stuff, and no doubt berate me on my terrible choices of location, accommodation or illustration, or all three – this is the internet after all!

Origins of the First Time Wanderer

So where did the name First Time Wanderer come from? Well, after 28 years of going no further than northern France (a trip I made once when I was four which in reality was only about 60 miles from the coast of my native England), I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t particularly well traveled and should at least make some effort to see the world.

By this point I hadn’t even been on a plane. Nor did I have a passport. I also met a girl – Laura – who offered help me through the arduous process of procuring a passport and also to hold my hand on my first flight, she has since become my girlfriend, my travel mate and rather a lot more.¬†You can expect to see some of her work in here too!

Thanks for reading! For more fun things, check out my social media pages!